Mussolinis foreign policy essay

This was bad because Italy was by no means self sufficient and he relied on the friendship of Britain because of their vast territories around him, yet felt the need to push them to establish Italy as a major power.

Foreign Policy It is because of the thirst for power and having the same style of leadership that the two dictators had to settle for an agreement such that they will support one another in case of war.

How Effective was Mussolini’s Foreign Policy From 1922- 1945 Essay Sample

Mussolini had to rely on Germany for protection, thus got dragged into conflicts that Hitler sought after. Although Mussolini was in charge of all three armed forces he could only retain the support of the military leaders if he let them do as they pleased. There is also the possibility that the army was not prepared to fight at the time.

While he told foreigners that his policy was one of peace a co-operation, at the same time he told Italians that his aim was national grandeur.

There have been ups and downs; sometimes they did cooperate while other times the two were totally on different paths. Countries such as France and Britain however did not want to get involved in the crisis and therefore kept off the battlefield.

The Greeks appealed to the League who with the help of the Council of Ambassadors succeeded in finding a solution.

Mussolini’s Foreign Policy Essay Sample

The conflicts in Ethiopia showed that the allies could be pushed beyond belief. Mussolini later invaded Albania, as he thought he should grab something before Hitler did. But the changing alliances make his policies difficult to read his long-term plan, if indeed there was one.

Mussolini’s Foreign Policy Essay Sample

It did become nearly self-sufficient, but still depended on imports for important, basic needs. The Wars The civil war in Spain that lasted for three years saw the exhibition of new weapons and brought to the fore rivalries between the nations. The character of the Italian people must be moulded by fighting.

Hitler had an entire ministry allotted to propaganda. Mussolini and Ciano were convinced that such a policy would maintain support and make Italy great. Everyone was made to believe that Fascism was the one and only system that could work in the 20th century Griffin With visions of recreating the Roman Empire familiar to Caesar and looking after Italian interests, a dynamic foreign policy was devised to help Mussolini attain his aspiration.

To What Extent Was Mussolini's Foreign Policy a Failure from 1933-41 Essay - Part 41

Italy gradually became more dilapidated and the dreams of a great empire were lost. Mussolini had completely lost control of the Italian foreign policy and instead he was being dragged into supporting German foreign policy as laid down by Hitler.

Hitler was the only major leader not to have criticised Italianaggression and relations between the two now started to improve. Mussolini wanted to be seen as the heart of European politics and to do this he knew he had to be on good terms with Britain and France main powers.

Yet, in Hitler invaded Prague and Mussolini felt that he had lost parity in the Axis. This is notably Fred rich Nietzsche whom it is said to have influenced both Hitler and Mussolini with his idea of the superman. Overall historians appear to agree on two main principles that run through the foreign policy; fascist imperial notions and consolidation of power.

The Italian military was of inadequate condition, due to the economic suffering from defeats. Cuba’s Foreign Relations website effectively expresses their state foreign policy. The major issues consuming the Cuban Foreign relations Ministry are illustrated in their 20 February press statement regarding the recent Cuba-United States discussions.

Mussolini’s foreign policy aimed to revise the Paris peace settlement., increase influence in the Balkans and Mediterranean and to expand Italy’s overseas colonial empire.

In Mussolini achieved one of these aims by taking over Abyssinia, this increased his colonial empire. To What Extent Was Mussolini's Foreign Policy a Failure from Essay - Part How far do you agree that Mussolini’s foreign policy in the years was a complete failure?To What Extent Was Mussolini's Foreign Policy a Failure from Essay.

essay sample on What were Mussolini’s foreign policy aims specifically for you ORDER NOW One issue that prevents the investigation in Mussolini’s policies is that he was always answerable to the King, between he was the Prime Minister which although is considerable power is technically subordinate to the King.

In the words of Richard Lamb, ‘British policy threw Mussolini into Hitler's arms’. A study of the foreign policy of both dictators therefore highlights at least as.

A study of the foreign policy of both dictators therefore highlights at least as many contrasts as comparisons. To read this article in full you need to be either a print + archive subscriber, or else have purchased access to the online archive.

Mussolinis foreign policy essay
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