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By presenting attractive women who consume the cereal and have lost weight, telling consumers if you use our products you can also look like this which enhances their existing desire to have an attractive body. Continuous Research to cut down cost: This event was conducted by Kellogg on a large scale and attracted the attention of families towards the brands of Kellogg.

Each of the Special K on the go. Triple bottom line Strategy: The first international opening is remarked as its Canada operations in These dimensions are availability of products, shelf space, and optimizing inventory levels.

According to the activities given in the case study Kellogg targeted family members in the event of Star War TM Movies. They are often known as the purchasing agent in the family as they are usually the one who is in charge of all these household basic necessities.

However, for some of the working class consumers they may still consider purchasing the product because they may want to fit into the higher society.

Special K Product Life Cycle

Marketing mix is often referred to four Ps of marketing. The product, Kellogg's Special K. The lowering economic conditions in overall global and domestic markets are also relevant variable that should be considered while developing these strategies. It is essential for a company that the target consumers of the company have knowledge about the products of the company.

Finally, it will assess three chosen brands within the breakfast cereal industry to show how each of them are positioned in the market by using a perceptual map. In addition, smaller individual bars could be made for children, perfect for their lunch boxes, again with Disney promotions, maybe with tokens to collect for Disney merchandise.

Nature Path and Benefit Nutrition and one product from each competitor's brand is positioned along with Kellogg's Special K, within one target market: Consumers can have breakfast on the go with special K and also able to satisfy hunger and keep healthy.

Finally conclusion is presented as a summary of the findings. The product was also manufactured in a powdered form as a drink mix that is sold in packets, which is then added to water. We understand the importance of providing a variety of good value breakfast choices to our consumers.

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I am sure you can easily replace your breakfast and the breakfast of your child with a healthier one. It participates in many social and organizational events to make its brand image into the mind of the consumers. The protected heritage brand:.

Kellog Special K Essay

of results for "kellogg special k cereal" Special K Kellogg's, Breakfast Cereal in a Cup, Red Berries, Bulk Size, 12 Count (Pack of 12, oz Cups) by Special K. Critically Evaluate How the Original Special K Brand Could Have Affected Special K Cereal and Special K Bar Extensions.

Words | 4 Pages. Kellogg’s is the world’s leading producer of cereal products and convenience foods with annual sales of more than £ million. The diet that Special K advocates is called "The Special K Challenge." The goal of "The Special K Challenge" is to lose six pounds in two weeks.


The diet is as follows: For meal number one, one may have a serving of any Special K. Special K cereal contains calories, 7 grams of protein, and 4 grams of sugar. On the box they advertise their low calorie servings, 0 grams of fat, and 7 grams of protein. The cheap cereal has double the amount of fibre compared to the Special K.

Kellogg’s cereal has less protein than the Sainsbury’s one. The reason for this is probably because the cheaper cereal has a much more nuts in it.

The company has gradually introduced a range of flavors and varieties such as Special K bars apple & Pear, chocolate, and Red berry.

The parent company for special K is Kellogg’s and it’s a worldwide company for producing cereals.

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