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In my opinion, foreign programmes are an opportunity for a country to introduce its culture and lifestyle to others. The Louisiana Purchase in doubled the nation's geographical area; Spain ceded the territory of Florida in ; annexation brought in the independent Texas Republic in ; a war with Mexico added California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico in To avoid above harms, governments are required to band foreign-made programs and replace them with local ones.

Constitution gives much of the foreign policy decision-making to the presidency, but the Senate has a role in ratifying treaties, and the Supreme Court interprets treaties when cases are presented to it. I have tried to do some corrections.

We supply a list of EFL job vacancies There is no doubt that we are moving toward a global culture west-dominated global culture trough entertainment imported foreign-made entertainment TV programmes by which the local culture in many countries has become more and more affected.

Similarly, foreign-made program could replace the local cultures. Children and youngsters are the most vulnerable vulnerable what. TV companies have become more consumers than producers and importing more programs they increase costs which result in less of put them competition People switch to other foreign TV Channels.

Initially these were uncommon events, but since WWII, these have been made by most presidents. Almost immediately, however, the world witnessed division into broad two camps during the Cold War ; one side was led by the U.

Consequently, he caused many problems to his family in particular, and to his neighbours in general. The chief diplomat was Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Jeffersonians vigorously opposed a large standing army and any navy until attacks against American shipping by Barbary corsairs spurred the country into developing a naval force projection capability, resulting in the First Barbary War in You should write at least words.

Some people think that dominance of imported entertainment damage to cultures and some other people claim that import program television brings a beneficial role for their life. USAID child survival programs have made a major contribution to a 10 percent reduction in infant mortality rates worldwide in just the past eight years.

In addition, some people give assessment that local television program is under-quality especially for unreasonable cinema series that frequently appear in particular moment and this condition transfers bad effects for young generation because it leads wrong imaginative for them.

To resume, I believe there is a necessity in importing some selected TV programs that could be beneficial like scientific or educational ones. They could take many advantages from some programs which show knowledge and information in particular channel such as BBC Channel or Discovery Channel.

This huge increase is due partly to USAID-funded projects that have increased supplies of agricultural raw materials for processing and have given potential processors the information, technical assistance and training they needed to start or expand their businesses. Each television programme has its own selection of content, style and set target audience, all of which are chosen for specific reasons.

With the rise of globalization and the popularity of satellite TV and on-line shows, audiences are able to sample programmes that are produced all over the world. Constitution is a power separate from the other enumerated powers of the federal government, and hence the federal government can use treaties to legislate in areas which would otherwise fall within the exclusive authority of the states.

The short experiment in imperialism ended byas the U. USAID provided democracy and governance assistance to 36 of the 57 nations that successfully made the transition to democratic government during this period. To what extend do you agree or disagree. So, it can be inferred that such programs have no benefits but serious effects.

These breakthroughs in agricultural technology and practices resulted in the most dramatic increase in agricultural yields and production in the history of mankind, allowing nations like India and Bangladesh to become nearly food self-sufficient.

Thursday, 24 May Academic Writing - Task 2 Model answer In many countries television shows many foreign-made programmes. New York became the financial capital of the world, [8] but the Wall Street Crash of hurled the Western industrialized world into the Great Depression.

To what extent to you agree or disagree. Further, the Supreme Court has declared itself as having the power to rule a treaty as void by declaring it "unconstitutional", although as ofit has never exercised this power.

Congress is the only branch of government that has the authority to declare war. This has become more and more popular over the last few decades.

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Food Forty-three of the top 50 consumer nations of American agricultural products were once U. A second harmful effect of foreign-made programs is that they cause watching -addiction.

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Powers of the Congress[ edit ] Main articles: I should write at least words. The Mission of the U. In the past 50 years, infant and child death rates in the developing world have been reduced by 50 percent, and health conditions around the world have improved more during this period than in all previous human history.

In fact, foreign-made programs plant bad habits in their watchers which will be negatively reflected in their culture. Apr 30,  · Would You Please Comment My Essay? In many countries television shows many foreign-made programmes.

The dominance of imported entertainment is harmful to the cultures of these countries. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

the point that could not be ignored is importing more and more TV programs leads to a. Essay topics: In many countries television shows many foreign-made programs. The dominance of imported entertainment is harmful to the cultures of these countries.

The dominance of imported entertainment is harmful to the cultures of these countries. A man walks past a billboard at China International Robot Show in Lorand Laskai is a research associate in the Asia Studies Program at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Made in China. The Office of Foreign Labor Certification has posted updated program factsheets containing the Quarter 3 FY selected statistics for the Permanent Labor Certification Program, Prevailing Wage Determination Program, H-1B Temporary Visa Program, H-2A Temporary Agricultural Visa Program, and H-2B Temporary Non-agricultural Visa Program.

Feb 15,  · A version of this article appears in print on February 15,on Page A11 of the New York edition with the headline: Aiming at Its Asian TV Competitors, China Limits Foreign-Made Programs. WELCOME TO OUR FAMILIES, SCHOOLS, AND HOMESCHOOLS See your students thrive with foreign language.

Foreign made programs
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